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List of the countries in European Union:

Coat of arms of Austria\ 30x41 \ 40x27 Austria
Coat of arms of Belgium\ 30x37 \ 40x27 Belgium
Coat of arms of Bulgaria\ 30x35 \ 40x24 Bulgaria
Coat of arms of Croatia\ 30x36 \ 40x20 Croatia Zagreb
Coat of arms of Cyprus\ 30x36 \ 40x27 Cyprus
Coat of arms of the Czech Republic\ 30x37 \ 40x27 Czech Republic
Coat of arms of Denmark\ 30x33 \ 40x30 Denmark
Coat of arms of Estonia\ 30x33 \ 40x25 Estonia
Coat of arms of Finland\ 30x38 \ 40x24 Finland
Coat of arms of France\ 30x36 \ 40x27 France
Coat of arms of Germany\ 30x39 \ 40x24 Germany
Coat of arms of Greece\ 30x34 \ 40x27 Greece
Coat of arms of Hungary\ 30x39 \ 40x20 Hungary
Coat of arms of Ireland\ 30x39 \ 40x20 Ireland
Coat of arms of Italy\ 30x34 \ 40x27 Italy
Coat of arms of Latvia\ 30x34 \ 40x20 Latvia
Coat of arms of Lithuania\ 30x34 \ 40x24 Lithuania
Coat of arms of Luxembourg\ 30x35 \ 40x24 Luxembourg
Coat of arms of Malta\ 30x35 \ 40x27 Malta
Coat of arms of the Netherlands\ 30x32 \ 40x27 Netherlands
Coat of arms of Poland\ 30x35 \ 40x25 Poland
Coat of arms of Portugal\ 30x36 \ 40x27 Portugal
Coat of arms of Romania\ 30x43 \ 40x27 Romania
Coat of arms of Slovakia\ 30x38 \ 40x27 Slovakia
Coat of arms of Slovenia\ 30x39 \ 40x20 Slovenia
Coat of arms of Spain\ 30x36 \ 40x27 Spain
Coat of arms of Sweden\ 30x39 \ 40x25 Sweden
Coat of arms of the United Kingdom\ 30x35 \ 40x20 United Kingdom